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Pricing & Payment

Every yard is different! Quotes will be assesed with the work involved per yard as a whole. Things that can increase the pricing include long grass, abundance of weeds, Hills and tricky edges. This takes a lot more time to do hence a raised cost in price. We usually offer a cleanup service for the first time at  a higher price and then maintain at a lower price since it takes us much less time to complete the job when the yard is maintained.

 We like to be fair to our clients. We do offer a professional service and our results show. Like they say, "you get what you pay for".


We offer a few easy payment options for your convenience:

• Online payment through Bank transfer

• Credit Card - we have a tap and go mobile payment system

• Cash


We also have a quoting service that's hassle free!

Just SMS your photo to lawnscapers and we will provide you with an instant ball park quote or you can call us and we will visit the Site to quote you.


Bank transfer is an easy, secure option for when you can't be home when

you need your garden tended to. Once you have received your quote, simply transfer the money after the job has been completed. Account details will be sent via SMS or an emailed invoice.

 If you're not going to be home, please ensure you leave your gate unlocked so that we can make your yard beautiful for your return home. 

 Have pets? At Lawnscapers we are animal lovers! Because of this we understand how strangers and mowers can frighten them. We request that all pets be either kept indoors or leashed when we visit, for both your piece of mind and ours, as well as the safety and well being of your pets as we can not be held responsible should they escape .